How to get the entryId of an item, PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!

How to get the entryId of an item, PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Marko Tomljenovi » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 23:33:04

I am actually making an internship where I have the problem, that I need to
get the entryId (MAPI-Property) of an item whose URL I know. I have to do
this in an asp-page or with javascript on client side. To get other
non-MAPI-properties isn't a problem, but this problem is really frustrating
I have read something about using a property-set-id and the right
MAPI-namespace if I I want to get a MAPI property of an item. But to be
honest, I haven't understood the all of the explanation explanation.

I haven't found any example for this in the sdk documentation and anywhere

Can somebody help me with a small example or a link.

Thx in advance for every help


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Hi, All!

I have workflow enabled public folder. I want to send notifications to
people when new item is created. I need to have in notification mail a link
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WBR Alexey Tchikhatchev
ICQ: 14040876

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