How to access LDAP server via ADSI?

How to access LDAP server via ADSI?

Post by Daniel H?nl » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 01:21:55


I try to access an LDAP server (OpenLDAP) from a VisualBasic program via
ADSI calls.

All ADSI operations (e.g. put of an attribute) work properly, but the get of
an attribute does not work.

The attribute "policyName" that I try to access is defined in the schema
with syntax "UTF-8 string" and as single-valued.

When I access the same data via Java (JNDI) everything works fine.

I used the following piece of code:

Private Sub btnGet_Click(Index As Integer)

    Dim policy As IADs

    Dim policyName As String

    Set policy = GetObject("LDAP://horus:20000/policyName=policy3," & _

        "csxRootType=policies, testParentName=testParent" )

    policyName = policy.Get("policyName")

End Sub

The Get operation results in the following ADSI error:

     Corrective Action

     The data type cannot be converted to/from a native DS data type.
     Make sure that the correct data type is used and/or that there is
sufficient schema information available to perform data type conversion.

Thanks for every hint,



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