Program for setting auto-forward message rules for each user mailbox

Program for setting auto-forward message rules for each user mailbox

Post by Christin » Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:32:10

Dear all,

We are using the Exchange 2000 OWA for our users to access
the emails. Recently, we would like to deploy a program to
set the auto-forward rule of each user mailbox like the
message subject contain "Company News" will forward to a
folder called "Company" under each user mailbox.

I know that we can use the Outlook Client to set this
rules but we need to repeat these process for 2000 times.
Did anyone also face this problem and have found solutions
to settle it???



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incoming mail to a mailbox on our Exchange server to a few other addresses.
The other addresses are on our GAL.  When a message is sent to this mailbox
from a person already on our GAL, it's forwarded properly.  However, any
outside SMTP mail is not - it just sits in the mailbox.  I've also tried the
rule through Outlook 97.  Is this a distinct limitation, or is there a
better way to go about doing this?

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