Debugging the ourlook forms

Debugging the ourlook forms

Post by Sundara Moorth » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 06:19:24

Does any one know how to debug the outlook forms at Server ?

1. ourlook web access forms and win98/95

I am working on exchange 2000 as a web storage system,active directory,and
win2K for developing web storage system,
here i am using custom form registratioin to display my custom ASP forms
using form registration to display them instead of default outlook web
access forms.
It works fine in winnt and higher but if you point your web browser to the
same forms in a system having Operating system win98/95, it doesnt show the
custom forms but it shows the default outlook web access forms.
How do i solve this,is there any patch or anything available so that like
winnt and win2k,those web forms can be seen in win95/98.
Thanking you.

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