WebDAV calendar app from AIX

WebDAV calendar app from AIX

Post by Robert Swoffor » Sun, 18 May 2003 00:00:37

I am running a Java program in AIX doing WebDAV/http/xml to an Exchange 2000
server. The program creates a recurring event in the calendar.

If I run this app from Windows, everything looks, appears, and works fine.
Doing a Search on the Calendar with a time spread causes Exchange to expand
out the recurrances so that when I query to an occurrence, I can find it and
modify the occurrence if necessary.

However, if I run the same app with the same exact data from AIX something
is wrong. The event appears ok in Outlook but Outlook Web Access does not
display the event (it did for the Windows event). When I do a search to get
the occurrences expanded (the same search as in Windows) Exchange doesn't
expand the occurrences.

Is Exchange WebDAV support, source agnostic? Shouldn't it act the same
whether I'm sending a request from Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris, or

One thing I thought about is the AIX is big ndian and wondered if that has a
role in this. Do the name spaces in the xml have to be different? I'm using
some. I'm using some named properties with names spaces specified as



1. FYI, WebDAV from AIX

I was trying to create a recurring event using WebDAV. I used the PROPPATCH
to create the event and then did a SEARCH to get Exchange to Expand the
occurrences so that I can then modify one occurrence.

This worked under Windows but not AIX. It appeared that the event did not
get created correctly when running from AIX even though I was using the same

The problem was that in AIX, the line breaks are only linefeeds(LF) so the
multiline values in the xml, such as the timezone information, contained LFs
instead of CRLFs.

Solution: I explicitly converted all LFs to CRLFs in the xml property values
before sending it to Exchange. Now this works from both Windows and AIX.

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