Properly debug an Exchange 2000 event sink using VS6

Properly debug an Exchange 2000 event sink using VS6

Post by Ryan Patrid » Sun, 02 Mar 2003 06:55:59

Note to future forgetful self:  you want to debug an E2K event sink in
vs6.  You've created the COM+ object and registered it.  Now you try
debugging it and it gives you the following error:

System error &H80004015:  Class is configured to run as a security id
different from the caller.

WTF?  Well, one cause for this that doesn't seem to be mentioned in
any other newsgroup posts or MS Knowledge Base articles is that you
could be trying to debug it via a Terminal Services session!  Doh!
Quick solutions are to go to the system console and log on
interactively (as the same user as the COM+ object is set to run
under, if applicable) and debug it from there or via Terminal
Services, or install pcAnywhere and debug it via that.  If you're
unusally patient and/or lazy, you could just wait for someone to
rebuild the E2K server using Windows 2003.  Then you could connect to
it via Remote Desktop and get the same effect.  However, you can't do
it via Terminal Services when nobody is logged into the machine
interactively (locally)...when logged into a machine via Terminal
Services, you're logged in under a special account.  I could go into
more detail, but it's not really necessary.

Thanks to Dave Mills for helping me remember!


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