about workflow design ,no permission to save the post

about workflow design ,no permission to save the post

Post by Jeff Wierer [MS » Mon, 13 Nov 2000 04:00:00

What's the error in the event viewer?


> Hi All
>     I'm trying a sample expense report,but can't post to the folder.but
> I post a
> post to the folder,It an error to me
>  "have not permission to save to the folder",
> And I installed WSS SDK ,make the right role in compponent service .I
> know how to resolve it ,can you help me?

>   I show you my simple program:
>     action name : change
>     action type : change
>     next state : resolved
>    condition express: true
>    action script procedure: sendmail "change"
>    share script :Sub sendMail(strMsg )
>                  set msg = createobject("CDO.message")

>                   msg.subject = "Description goes here."
>                 msg.textbody = strMsg & " transition initiated by " &
> workflowSession.sender
>                 msg.send
>                 End sub


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Is this a configuration issue or a bug? MS people, please respond!

Magnus Hiie

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