Update Exchange Server Address Book using SQL

Update Exchange Server Address Book using SQL

Post by Uwe Ecker » Thu, 05 Apr 2001 20:55:55


I can link the exchange server address book in Access 2000 but the records are
not updateable.
I linked it using a mailbox assigned to the exchange server admin account.
If I link my own personal address book, I can easily pass SQL update commands.
We are using Exchange Server 5.5 SP2.
Is there a possibility?

Thanks in advance



1. Using SQL has a Personal Address Book within Outlook

I have a contacts system where the data is stored in SQL.  I would like
users to be able to resolve names from within Outlook but by using data from
my SQL Database rather than just the Global Address List and Outlook

Has anybody any ideas if this is possible.  I have discovered that you can
add a Microsoft LDAP Directory as an Outlook Service so I was wondering
whether this was a method of doing it.

Is it possible to create your own services that can be used by Outlook.

Failing this I will have to create a synchronisation process that creates
Outlook contacts but I would rather not do this and this would be a last
resort.  Any info would be appreciated an via email would be even better.


Dean Hobbs

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