Posting messages using WebDAV

Posting messages using WebDAV

Post by Avner Kashta » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:50:12

Good morning.

I'm trying to write a small discussion-forum type thing based on
Exchange2000 using XMLHTTP requests/WebDAV.
I've got most of the things worked out, but I'm kinda stuck in trying
to create a new message item in a public folder using WebDAV. The
example in the MSDN shows a PROPPATCH request used to create the item
and set its properties, and then a PUT request to set the item's stream
(body). The PROPPATCH works well, but trying to PUT the stream into the
same URL afterwards results in a "403 - Forbidden" error. Trying to do
so the other way around - first the PUT, then PROPPATCH - doesn't
result in an error, but doesn't seem to actually work, either - the
item is created, but the properties aren't saved. If, for instance, I
created the item with the URL along the lines
of "http://server/public/test/fish.eml", "fish.eml" would be the
subject of the message (since I created it with PUT, no properties were
explicitly defined), and no matter how many PROPPATCHs I use to change
the subject to "fish", for instance (without the ".eml") it refuses to
The public folder's permissions give the Editor role to the default and
anonymous user-groups, so it's probably not a matter of permissions.

Can anyone explain this to me, or (better yet) point me to sample code
using XMLHTTP that I can learn from?



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Posting messages using WebDAV

Post by Christian Tref » Sat, 10 Feb 2001 01:27:34


im trying some similar, by creating a folder and properites using MKCOL,
getting a 403-Forbidden. Di you create the folder (via MKCOL) and then the
properties (via PROPPATCH) seperately or in one step via MKXOL with an
request body?

Can you give me some of your code?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanx, Chris


Posting messages using WebDAV

Post by Avner Kashta » Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:33:50

Quote:> getting a 403-Forbidden. Di you create the folder (via MKCOL) and
> then the properties (via PROPPATCH) seperately or in one step via
> MKXOL with an request body?

I didn't create the folder by code at all - I was using folders I
created through Outlook.

I did get a lot of 403-Forbidden errors while using Proppatch, however.
Except for the rather amusing description that error has in the MSDN
("The server understood your request, but will not do it. Authorization
will not help") I couldn't really figure out what was going on, until I
started playing with it randomly. It seems that there are equivalent
properties in the urn:schemas:httpmail and urn:schemas:mailheader
namespaces, but not all of them are updateable, regardless of what the
MSDN has to say about it. I got a 403-Forbidden error trying to update
the SenderName property in the httpmail namespace, but updated just
fine through the mailheader NS. Play around with that a bit until you
find the properties you need.


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