Accessing the Global Catalog

Accessing the Global Catalog

Post by Ryan Reill » Mon, 12 Nov 2001 05:57:22

I have an event script associated with a public folder.  Is there a way to
have the script (when it fires the on create event) to query the active
directory to obtain additional information about the user that posted the
message (such as phone, title, department, etc.)  I was thinking about using
LDAP but am not sure if this is the correct solution or what the correct
query syntax would be.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



1. Ldap validation in global catalog

Hi there!
I have 2 global catalogs clustered (win 2k), and a stand
alone exchange server that it is not a domain controller.
If the server 1 (operations master) in the cluster is
down, the clustered services "pass" to server 2, but
exchange stops responding... only validates in that
server. I have set up a stand alone 2003 domain controller
also as global catalog, but still need server 1. What can
I do to echange server to validate in any global catalog??

Thanks in advance....

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