Workflow what I'am missing ?

Workflow what I'am missing ?

Post by slaw » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 02:59:43

Recently, I've started to develop workflow application
(programatically without Designer).At the beginning everything was ok,
but now I'm stuck and I can't find anyt reason why.

If anybody would be so kind and had a look :)

- Exchange 2000/ Active Directory
- Added workflow user with all necessary privileges (Roles in COM+,
Rights on public  Folder ) everything is like in MSDN,
- No errors (that I can see :) )while Creating ActionTable and
Registering Event Sinks without visible errors.

'Visible' symptoms : Nothing in Event Log (I try to write sth using
WorkflowSession.AddAuditEntry "... )

Code for Workflow Process Definition :
   Dim iPD As New CDOWF.ProcessDefinition
   Dim Conn As New ADODB.Connection

   Conn.Provider = "ExOleDb.DataSource"
   Conn.Open sFolderURL

   With iPD
    .ActionTable = Rs
   'Rs is an open ADODB.Recordset built at runtime
    .AuditTrailProvider = "CdoWf.AuditTrailEventLog.1"
    .CommonScriptURL = sCommonScriptURL
    .Mode = cdowfPrivilegedMode
   End With

   iPD.DataSource.SaveTo sProcDefURL, _
                         Conn, _
                         adModeReadWrite, _
                         adCreateOverwrite Or adCreateNonCollection


Code for registering event sink :
  EventRuleItem = "OnSyncSave_OnSyncDelete_Rule1"

  sEvtRegURL = sFolderURL & "/" & EventRuleItem

  ProcessDefinitionURL = sProcDefURL

  Dim Conn As New ADODB.Connection
  Conn.Provider = "ExOLEDB.DataSource"
  Conn.Open sFolderURL & "/"

  Dim Rec As ADODB.Record
  Set Rec = New ADODB.Record

  Rec.Open sEvtRegURL, Conn, adModeReadWrite, _
                       adCreateNonCollection Or adCreateOverwrite, _

  If Err.Number <> 0 Then
     Debug.Print "Failed to open event registration  record." &
  End If

  With Rec
    .Fields("DAV:contentclass") = "urn:content-class: storeeventreg "
= "OnSyncSave;OnSyncDelete"
= "CdoWfEvt.EventSink.1"
    .Fields("") =
"WHERE $DAV:ishidden$ AND $DAV:iscollection$ = FALSE"
") = ProcessDefinitionURL
    .Fields("") =
    .Fields("") =
") = False
    .Fields("") =
    .Fields("DAV:ishidden") = True
  End With

ThNKS in advance :)


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