Create .msg file in SMTP OnArrival Event Sink

Create .msg file in SMTP OnArrival Event Sink

Post by Hannes Eklun » Fri, 03 Jan 2003 03:58:01


I have implemented an OnArrival Event Sink monitoring incoming messages.
I would like to save some of these messages in .msg files.

Now, the only way to create .msg files seems to be using MAPI as described

However in the event sink I have a CDO (for exchange 2000) IMessage
to the message. As I understand it CDO for exchange 2000 and MAPI are
separate things, and CDO for exchange 2000 can only save messages in .eml
which is no good for me.

The only solution to the problem I have come up with is to have the event
sink to
send a copy of the email to a dummy account, and then scan that accounts
inbox using
MAPI, and create the .msg file.

Has anyone any suggestions on other aproaches ?
(like "how to convert a CDO for exchange 2000 IMessage object to a MAPI
or how to convert an .eml file to a .msg file, etc.)




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