GetRecipientTable equivalent in WEBDav

GetRecipientTable equivalent in WEBDav

Post by Charlie Olsso » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 17:19:03


Is it possible (in aaaany way) to retrieve/modify the
recipienttable in a WEBDAV call, like MAPI
Get/ModifyRecipientTable functions do.

More specifically the PR_RECIPIENT_TRACKSTATUS attribute
of the recipienttable in a Appointment.

I found the urn:schemas:calendar:attendeestatus but cant
understand how to get it to work for anyone else than the

Best regards, Charlie


1. GetRecipientTable - Webdav

Hi there,

I have one probleme here. The Forms of the netscape version of OWA (Outlook
Web Access) there are compile at dll's, then i can't see the code of server
side. I've must modify the forms of appointments. i have did a function to
resolve Recipients, for that i have did a query to Exchange, like this:
SELECT """",
"""" FROM
scope('shallow traversal of ""Contactos""') WHERE ""DAV:ishidden"" = False
AND ""DAV:isfolder"" = False AND
("""" Like '%" &
sFind(Idx) & "%' OR """"
Like '%" & sFind(Idx) & "%' OR
"""" Like '%" &
sFind(Idx) & "%' OR ""urn:schemas:contacts:cn"" Like '%" & sFind(Idx) & "%')
but the probleme is when the user put a recipient that OWA not resolve, but
if the user click the recipient, that not resolved, and put one mail for
that Recipient, the OWA resolve that, but didn't work with my query. I've
must Get the RecipienTable and find the prop "PR_DISPLAY_NAME" then i get
the prop "PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS". To do that i'm trying make a HTTPRequest then a
query by webdav.

Can you help me for this problem?

Sorry of my English but i Portuguese :)

Alexandre Reis

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