Transport Sinks - How To Implement

Transport Sinks - How To Implement

Post by Joemel J » Wed, 10 Jan 2001 05:57:17

Can anybody point me to a place where I can get more info on how to implement
Transport sinks?  There are sample files in the Platform SDK docs but I am
looking more of a 'how to'-type of document (i.e., step by step).



1. SMTP Transport Sink Sink Properties in Visual Basic

smtpreg.vbs will let you add sink properties to the transport event sinks.
Is there a way the sink properties can be sent to the sink when the sink
fires if the sink is a SMTP transport sink written in Visual Basic?  MSDN
states that VC++ protocol sinks will automatically get the sink properties
if the sink implements IPersistPropertyBag.  Is there a similar way to
deliver the sink properties to the sink in Visual Basic?

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