event sink (vb6-cdo) nut updating free/busy correctly

event sink (vb6-cdo) nut updating free/busy correctly

Post by Jason L. Froeb » Sat, 14 Dec 2002 05:33:31


- Event sink processes meeting requests but does not update free/busy in
Outlooks Scheduling tab when creating another meeting
Meeting room calendar is updated correctly with free/busy

Event Sink:

- written in Visual Basic 6/SP5 using CDO
        + service account runs as a normal user account (defined in COM+
registration Run As this user: )  with owner priviledges on
Inbox/Outbox/Sent/Calendar of the meeting room
resides in meeting room user Inbox
        + checks calendar for existing meetings accept/decline
        + if accepted
                . updates free/busy status (see below code snippet) using
                . CDO.Appointment.BusyStatus
                . sends accept reply
                . uses SaveToContainer(url to calendar) to update meeting
room calendar


- meeting room where calendar resides
- service account
        + event sink executes as this user
has ownership of meeting room folders
normal user
        + sends meeting request to the meeting room using Outlook 2000 or
Outlook XP

appt is CDO.Appointment

this is after we determined that we can accept the meeting

     With appt
            ' Reconfigure the sender information
            ' so you can send the response.

            WriteLogFile ("sending conf rm available.")

            .Configuration.Fields(cdoSendEmailAddress) = _
            .Subject = "Accepted - " & .Subject
            .MeetingStatus = cdoMeetingStatusConfirmed
            .BusyStatus = cdoBusy
            .ResponseText = strExceptionResponseText

            ' Accept the meeting request and send the response
            ' This could also be AcceptTentative or Decline.


            ' Save the meeting into the calendar

            WriteLogFile ("saving calendar.")

            Err.Number = 0
            .DataSource.SaveToContainer (urlCalendar)

            If Err.Number <> 0 Then
                WriteLogFile ("Error Message for accepting appointment
is: " _
                     & Err.Description)
            End If
            WriteLogFile ("saved")
      End With


1. CDO scheduling doesn't update free/busy info

Here's a real off-the-wall problem.  I have been working on an
auto-accept script for our resources, and we've been running into a very
unusual problem.

Our configuration -
 - Exchange Server 5.5
 - Outlook 97 (8.03)
 - Several resource calendars, each with our auto-accept script on the
 - Each resource's calendar configured with "Reviewer" access to Default
 - All scheduling done by meeting requests

Our problem -
When our users attempt to view a meeting scheduled on a resource's
calendar, they get the error "Cannot open item.  Unable to read
free/busy time," or something like that.  When I, as an administrator,
then open that calendar, the users can then read its items.  Also,
before I open the calendar, none of the days with events appear bold to
the users.

My guess -
When meetings are accepted using the CDO objects, the free/busy time is
not being updated on Exchange.  Outlook required the free/busy time to
be up to date before viewing meeting items, and tries to update this
info for the resource.  Because the user only has "Reviewer" access to
the calendars, the free/busy info cannot be updated, and Outlook gives
an error.

So here's my question:  How can we work around this issue without giving
update access to the resource calendars?  I've tries to open all of
these calendars within Outlook under my (administrator) account, hoping
that it would keep the free/busy stuff up to date.  No luck.

If anyone can help me with this, I'll share our auto-accept script,
which is ten times more intelligent that Microsoft's, and can (mostly)
handle recurring meetings.  ;-)
Jeffrey A. Keyser
Old Guard Insurance


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data encryption standard and they came up with...?"

Student: "EBCDIC!"

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