URGENT: Restore Emails from another datastore

URGENT: Restore Emails from another datastore

Post by Steve Walke » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 07:09:06

I have a client that had his message store become
corrupted and he restored it from a backup that was a week
old. There is now a hole in the users emails for that

I have a service that runs that saves all of the emails
that go thorugh the exhcange server into an SQL Database
that we were using for a CRM Application.

My question is this, Is there a way that I can
programatically add the email messages from the SQL Server
database for the period in question to the user's
mailboxes using MAPI or ADSI, etc ?? I have the
recipients, sender, time sent, time recieved, subject,
body, etc... all in the database.

Does anyone have any ideas on a direction to go ??


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Hi All,

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Help will be much appreciated.

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