OWA, WSS and ASP.net - Asp.net not parsing

OWA, WSS and ASP.net - Asp.net not parsing

Post by Astrobo » Thu, 08 May 2003 07:45:51

Hi, I'm in the process of developping a custom web form
for a folder in Exchange 2000 server SP1.

I've been so far successful at developping a static html
page, binding fields, and creating/updating items.

I'd like now to add some dynamic bits, like the
userprincipal name of the current user, the current date
etc... in ASP.NET, but the page I create does not parse,
meaning I get the page as I wrote it, no server-side

Is there something special to do to get the page to be
processed before/after going to the wss renderer ?


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