Asynchronous event not firing

Asynchronous event not firing

Post by Vasu » Thu, 14 Feb 2002 03:00:02

Hi All,
I am trying to use the Exchange Store Events Sample
Application supplied with Exchange SDK. I want to use the
Asynchronous_OnSave event sink. I compiled the supplied
sink class, installed the dll as a COM+ component and then
registered the sink using the exe supplied in SDK. When I
send an e-mail to the user account , I don't get any
notification (the sink should send a notification to the e-
mail address set in sink method).

But if I enable/disable the sink, I do get a notification
email, but the information is about the event
registration, not about any e-mail received.

Am I missing something here, exchange/sink not installed



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Did any of you guys ever try registering OnTimer event sink, but from within
another OnTimer event sink?

What happens is this: when my OnTimer event fires, it calls its event sink
correctly, but when it tries registering a new OnTimer event sink, it fails.

Any experiences with this kinds of things?

Thanks in advance!

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