CDO Getstream.Savetofile Problem with PDF format

CDO Getstream.Savetofile Problem with PDF format

Post by jms6 » Thu, 31 May 2001 09:05:46

I'm writing an app that interfaces with a content management system.

I have an event sink that is registered on a public folder. When emails get sent
to the folder the sink fires. I get the mail and do a to file and
then check the file into the content management system.. All is well with .EML

 The problem occurs when I drag and drop a .PDF file to the folder. The event
sink fires and the storage path points to the .PDF file. The problem is that when
I stream this to a file and try and open the file the file can't be read by Adobe
Reader as there seems to be other information encoded in the file. ADOBE doesn't
recognize it as a PDF file and gives a message stating such (File doesn't being
with %pdf).

How can I stream these files or any other like files and get the native format
sans encoded data ?

 Thanks in advance.



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In an CDO event sink configured with a 2nd instance of SMTP service as
described in Q288756 I am using a slightly modified EventSinkScript.vbs as
described in Q317680.

The modification is that I add an additional X- header to the outgoing
message. My requirements are that it must be multiline.

So, I add something like that:

Msg.Fields.Item("urn:schemas:mailheader:X-myheader").Value = "1st line" &
vbCr & vbCr & vbLf & vbTab & "new line"

The header gets inserted as well as the disclaimer. However, vbCr and vbLf
characters are replaced with 3 spaces.

What am I doing wrong?


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