Inserting Images into Email

Inserting Images into Email

Post by bwj » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 22:54:47

Hello, What's the best way to insert images into an email
message (at the current cursor position) using vbscript
(via a form)?..
I've been able to to extract and image from a shared
drive and place into an email..but, of course it doesn't
reach the destination as that graphic is not on the
recipient's hard drive...
I notice that when using the 'insert picture' from
outlooks drop-down, it inserts into the email a <img

the same results..
Thanks in advance for and info/help

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I am running MS Exchange Server 5.5 (Enterprise edition) on an NT4.0 (sp3)
server. The IMS is configured to use MIME encoding for outgoing and  the
POP3 protocol for the server is configured to use MIME encoding. Incoming
mail messages sent with inserted images (clip art, jpg's, gif's, etc.)
arrive with NO inserted image. Incoming mail messages with attached files
arrive with the file included as text (totally unreadable) rather than as an
attachment. What have I overlooked?
Jean Santivasci

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