tasks, cdoex, Exchange Server 2000 and ADO

tasks, cdoex, Exchange Server 2000 and ADO

Post by FMylo » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:10:47

Hallo all,

i want to create, store and modify tasks in Exchange Server 2000.
i spent the last days on it, but i was not able to find a way to make it.

Can you please give me an example on how to create tasks with ADO and
CDO(EX) on Exchange server 2000?

So far, i saw small parts of the solution but im not so advanced in these
areas, to combine them on my own.

For example, i already saw a posting that just created and IItem and stored
it in the tasks folder, but could not set some task specific properties. The
code was like this:

IItemPtr iItem(__uuidof(Item));
iItem->ContentClass = "urn:content-classes:task";
ss"]->Value = L"IPM.Task";

this does not create anything at all to me.

Then i went to a link to cdolive.com and saw a listing of some properties
for task items like this:

CdoTask_CommonStart ||| CdoPropSetID4 & "0x8516" ||| Item.StartDate

But how can i use all these in code, to finally create the task and set the
start date?

Please help!

Thank you very much!