ASP code with CDOEX.dll but IMailBox.Calendar property empty

ASP code with CDOEX.dll but IMailBox.Calendar property empty

Post by Xavier Daubigeo » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 18:43:14


I would like to use CDOEX.dll to access Exchange 2000 mailboxes in an ASP

With this code (taken from MSDN), I succeed in getting the IMailBox object
but the only property filled is "RootFolder" :

Set person = CreateObject("CDO.Person")

person.DataSource.Open strURL

Set mailbox = person.GetInterface("IMailbox")

mailbox.RootFolder    is filled with something like :
mailbox.Inbox             is empty
mailbox.Calendar        is empty

As  I would like to add an appointment, I need to have the "Calendar"
property filled. How can I have that ?






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1. CDOEX/ADO/ASP and mapi property type PT_BINARY

I am trying to create task requests using CDOEX and I have made some
progress, but now I got stuck with mapi properties of type PT_BINARY. Is
there a way to assign variables in visual basic to these properties so that
their type  would be in PT_BINARY, lists it as 'Unkown Format'. I'll include a
bit of the code working with tasks at the end of the post  in case anyone
else is struggling with creating task-items using CDOEX(actually it can
already create tasks, but not task requests). A good program to find out
what values are stored in outlook properties and their ID's, is  OutlookSpy,
which you can find from

' Reference CDO for Exchange 2000
Dim msgTaskRequest As CDO.Message
Dim lngNumber As Long

Set msgTaskRequest = New CDO.Message

With msgTaskRequest
      ' Send using Exchange server

ing") = 3

      .Subject = "Task"
      .TextBody = "Message Body"
      .Fields("") =
      ' Task Start date

0000046}/0x00008104") = Now()
      ' Task Due date

0000046}/0x00008105") = CDate("8/22/2001")
      ' Task Owner

0000046}/0x0000811F") = "John Doe"
      ' Task complete true/false

0000046}/0x0000811C") = False
      lngNumber = 369
      ' Right click context menu choices for "Mark Complete" & "Assign Task"

0000046}/0x00008510") = lngNumber
   End With

   Set msgTaskRequest = Nothing


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