Creating appointment

Creating appointment

Post by RonC » Sun, 09 Feb 2003 06:22:58

I am wrting an application to write appointments to
Exchange 2000.  Here is the code
With oAppointment

                .StartTime = CDate(oXMLReader("Date")
& " " & oXMLReader("StartTime"))
                .EndTime = CDate(oXMLReader("Date") & " "
& oXMLReader("EndTime"))
                .Subject = "I hope this works"
                .TextBody = "This is way cool"
                .Location = "Who Cares?"

                ' strStorageName += oXMLReader("email")
& "/calendar/"
("comListenerBeta", oXMLReader("Date") & " " & oXMLReader
("StartTime"), Diagnostics.EventLogEntryType.Information)

            End With

I am using  When it gets to
the .DataSource.SavetoContainer, I get an "Unspecified
Error CDO.Appointments.1"  When I chech the folder in
exchanger, there is an item, but it is blank.  Can anyone
suggest anything


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       I am using CDO to add an appointment object to a public calendar
folder.But I am not able to do so.
I have navigated successfully to the public calendar and assigned it's
reference to a CDO Folder object. However, even though it is definitely a
calendar folder, whenever I use the 'add' method of the Messages collection,
I get a Message object back instead of an AppointmentItem object. The CDO
documentation assures me this is the correct way to
create a new appointment, and that CDO should decide the class of the object
for me, which is damn annoying since it appears to be getting it wrong.

When I add the appointment using OWA it does it properly.I mean OWA some how
sets the message type tp IPM.Appointment. But when I try to do it through
the type is IPM.Note.

Any help will be of great assistance.

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