How to get CDO.IMessage object FileName when using OnArrival Event Sink

How to get CDO.IMessage object FileName when using OnArrival Event Sink

Post by Henry Le » Tue, 20 Mar 2001 03:52:03

I am trying to write an Event Sink routine under CDO for Windows 2000 and/or
CDO for Exchange 2000.
My problem is when I catch the incoming message via CDO.IMessage object, I
just can not get the FileName prop of it.
I do all of these under Windows 2000 SMTP service which dropping the
incoming email message into the drop directory such as
I found that when the OnArrival event sink is in action, the new incoming
message is not dropped into the drop directory yet. That means I can not use
IMessages interface to receive the FileName of the new IMessage object.
Does anybody know how to get the FileName such as *******.eml in this case.

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Many Thanks,

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