Problem in Instant Message

Problem in Instant Message

Post by ITpeopl » Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:59:11

My network is privary (cannot connect internet) and only one server and one
My problem is my winxp messager cannot connect exchange messaging service

I follow the Microsoft procedure to do this Step
My Server Name : im
Domain :
ip :
subnet :
DNS Server :

My    Win2000 Server include AD, IIS, DNS, NNTP, SMTP Service
         Exchange 2000 include Messaging and collaboration, system
management, Instant messaging

Configure Exchange System Mnager

Click protocol - right click instant message(rvp) -- click new -- click
instant message virtual server -  click welcome -- display dialog box, type
(IM-SERVER) -- click IIS Server -- domain name dialog box,
type(DOMAIN.COM) -- in host server CLICK the allow this serverto host user.

Configure and configure DNS

start the DNS
click IM expand forward lookup zones click (DOMAIN.COM) then right click
(DOMAIN.COM) -- choice other new records -- point service location then
click create record
in service box type _rvp
in protocal box type _tcp
in priority box type 0
in priority box type 0
in port number box type 80
in host offering this service box type

Enable a user for Instanat messaging

--click start --program --microsoft exchange-- active directory user and
computer--expend tree choose user(ITPEOPLE) -- right click
properties --choose exchange feature tag -- click enable -- browing and
choose (IM-SERVER) -- default intant messaging domain name (IM.DOMAIN.COM)--
instant messaging status is enable -- click ok -- click ok

In Client Windows Messager (WINXP)



1. Authentication problems with instant messaging

I am having problems with authentication when using the instant messaging
server. The client reports that "the user that logged on to this computer
doesn't have permission to access this resource" or something along those
lines (I'm at home).
I have a W2K server which is a PDC with ADS, DNS and IIS(nntp,www,ftp) with
exchange 2000 as well (this is a pilot project!). Every user I create has
the same problem.
I have created a www virtual server with the header and
created the appropriate DNS entry . I have no problem logging on when using
OWA, or the chat rooms service.?
I would be very grateful for any advice or pointers to other resources.


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