Problem Get Freebusy return error!

Problem Get Freebusy return error!

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        in a part, I coded with VB6 but change to .Net now

        methode GetFreeBusy return error!!!!

        " The data neccessary to complet this operation is not yet

I'm test on exchange server version 2000 two server
this one O.K get result success



        CDO.AddresseeClass cdoAddr = new CDO.AddresseeClass();

        ActiveDs.ADSystemInfoClass adsInfo = new

        Console.WriteLine("Input Email Address");

        string strMail = Console.ReadLine();

        cdoAddr.EmailAddress = strMail;

        Console.WriteLine("Input Pwd");

//string strPwd = "1234";

        string strPwd = Console.ReadLine();

        Object vEmpty = Missing.Value;

        if(cdoAddr.CheckName("LDAP://" + adsInfo.DomainDNSName
,strMail,strPwd ))


            System.Globalization.CultureInfo info =

            new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US", false);

            System.Globalization.Calendar calendar = info.Calendar;

            DateTime dtNow = System.DateTime.Now;

            DateTime dt = new System.DateTime(dtNow.Year,dtNow.Month
,dtNow.Day ,8,0,0,0,calendar);

            Console.WriteLine("Start Date " + dt.ToString() );

            DateTime dt2 = new System.DateTime(dtNow.Year,dtNow.Month
,dtNow.Day ,16,0,0,0,calendar);

            Console.WriteLine("End Date " + dt2.ToString() );



                string freebusy = "Free Busy = " +
cdoAddr.GetFreeBusy(dt,dt2,60,null,null,null,null );



            catch(Exception e)






        Console.WriteLine("Name not found");


catch(Exception e)





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