Archiver sink problem

Archiver sink problem

Post by Simon Rother » Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:27:44

    I cannot get the the MSDN Archiver SMTP Event sink to work.
I have seen similiar threads on this (and other) newsgroups and followed
their advice (e.g. not using a rule) but this has not helped.

As a test I used the VBS script OnArrival example that also archives mail
to see if there was somthing wrong with my installation/configuration of
exchange. This works fine.

As another test I used the SMTPReg.vbs script to register the Archiver
example instead of calling its RegisterSink method in case there was a
with that. Using the SMTPReg.vbs script to enumerate the binding everything
seems ok which ever way the binding is registered. However the Archiver does
not fire.

I understand that an OnArrival script and the Archiver example are two
ways of hooking the same event (one using CDO the other using C++). Can
think of a reason why on my system just the OnArrival script works and not
the other ?

I wish to write my own C++ sink based on the Archiver, so its important that
I get the
example working before I make up my own !

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,