Can't create CDOEXM objects

Can't create CDOEXM objects

Post by Jeff Donz » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 09:00:09

I'm trying to write an ASP page that will create email enabled contacts.  I can
create the contacts without a problem, but when I can't get them email-enabled
because the server won't create the CDOEXM.MailRecipient object.  It fails with
an error 'Can't create object: ASP 0177 80004005, unspecified error'.  An MSPress
book I have says to use CDOEXM.IMailRecipient, but that fails with an invalid
ProgID error.  I created this ASP file to see which objects the server would


        set objA = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.ExchangeServer" )
        'set objB = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.Folder" )
        set objC = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.FolderTree" )
        'set objD = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.Mailbox" )
        set objE = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.MailboxStoreDB" )
        'set objF = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.MailGroup" )
        'set objG = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.MailRecipient" )
        set objH = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.PublicStoreDB" )
        set objI = Server.CreateObject( "CDOEXM.StorageGroup" )

        Response.Write now() & " Done"

The ones that are commented all fail with the same error.  I also tried creating
the CDOEXM.MailRecipient object from a WSF file run on the server; it fails with
a similar error.  In both cases (ASP & WSF) the user was administrator.  The
machine is Exchange Server 2000 on Windows 2000 Server running Active Directory.

Any Ideas?