best practices for Event Sink & folder ownerships?

best practices for Event Sink & folder ownerships?

Post by Matt Harringto » Sat, 11 Aug 2001 10:04:48

I'm going to write an Event Sink for Exchange 2000 to trap the OnSave
asynchronous event.  What is a good strategy to follow when it comes to
ownership of the public folders and the application identity of the COM+
wrapper application I'll have to create?

For example, should I create a special account called "eventsinker" to run
my COM+ wrapper?  Would "eventsinker" need to be an owner of the public
folder i'm working with?  I'll use RegEvent.vbs to register my event.
Should I execute that with the "runas" command to register the event under
the "eventsinker" account?  as in:


any general strategies you'd like to share would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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