Referencing CDOEx.dll in .Net application

Referencing CDOEx.dll in .Net application

Post by may » Tue, 07 Jan 2003 09:41:20


I am developing a .Net application to access Exchange 2K store.
Exchange 2000 is running on a separate Windows 2000 server.

I may need to use the CDO for Exchange dlls. How do I set a reference
to Cdoex.dll from my .Net appln.

CdoEx.dll is installed with Exchange 2000 which is residing on a
separate server.



Hey there,

  I have a few applications in traditiopnal ASP and VB that work great using
the new CDOEX libraries to create user accounts.

  The issue I am having is that anytime I try an use the ".Fields" property
to define a custom attribute I get a compile error in my .Net application
stating that the ".Fields" property is "Read Only".

  Now if this item is READ ONLY, then why can I update it in VB proper or
ASP? It seems that .Net is confusing the ".Fields" property to ADODB and not
the CDOEX?

  Here is an example of what I am trying to update:

With prsmbx
    .FirstName = strFirstName
    .LastName = strLastName
    .Fields("userAccountControl") = 2
End With

  Now here I am making a user account and making it active using the
".Fields" property. Unfortunately I cannot activate the account in .Net
because it tells me that field is read only.

  Any advice?


Timothy H. Schilbach
Sr. Messaging Administrator  (MCSD)
Snap-on Incorporated

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