Mailbox size....

Mailbox size....

Post by Dave Mill » Sun, 20 Jul 2003 13:04:24

Just in case you haven't already found the solution, you can find many
samples on how to do it here:

- Dave

Quote:> I am looking for a good way to track the mailbox size
> automatically for a set list of people.

> Is there a tool to do this.  If not, can someone direct me
> to the proper code to reference to write my own app?

> Thanks in advance.

> Joe


1. difference between Mailbox Size and Private Store Size - Exchange 5.5 SP4

Hi there,

I have a server running Exchange 5.5 SP4, which has recently started
hitting the 16Gb limit for exchange standard.

My query is this - If I export the Mailbox Resourses list, and add the
Total K column up, it only comes to 5.5gb - where has the extra 10Gb

I've tried offline defrags, they dont reduce the size very much.

isinteg -test alltests shows 0 errors
eseutil /g shows database consitent

Deleted Item retention is set to 0 days, and the ticky box for dont
delete till backup is unticked.

We are running Backup Exec doing a brick backup of both the whole
information store and the individual mailboxes - this completes
without errors. 10 days ago this was backing up the first 35 mailboxes
totalling 12Gb!, and giving errors saying unable to access the
remaining ones. This has now stopped and its backing up all 137
mailboxes (though nothing has changed permissions wise)

In the last week, the database size shot up by 2gb for no apparent
reason - the previous week it only grew by 30mb.

I think i've detailed all relevant info - if I've missed anything i'd
appreciate knowing! Its doing my head in.


Ross Woodward - MCSE Win2k NT4 (not exchange though - yet)
NE Solutions Ltd

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