IM and VPN

IM and VPN

Post by marc » Fri, 07 Feb 2003 10:45:39

I have 3 W2K servers behind a firewall 3COM with NAT and
one-to-one NAT
1 DC - Exchange 2000 (static public IP)
1 DC SQL - DNS - DHCP (static public IP)
1 member TS - RAS (VPN) (static public IP)

IM problem
I have configured IM on the exchange2000 server.
IM seems run correctly between clients behind the firewall.
Remote IM clients (dial-up connection) can send files and
comunicate with clients behind the firewall, clients
behind the firewall can comunicate but cannot send
files,the lan client told that there is a block.
IM clients behind a Netopia router (NAT ENABLE) without
filter activated can send message but not receive.

VPN problem
dial-up clients can browse the lan behind the firewall and
clients behind the firewall  can browse shared resource on
the dial-up clients.
clients behind the Netopia router can browse the lan but
clients behind the firewall cannot browse  shared resource
on the clients behind netopia router.
I think there are some equipment the block the
comunication for the dial-up connection in IM.
But I know the Netopia router hasn't any filter configured
I have openend the port for all the necessary protocol and
I have configured IM server and clients to use fixed port

Note: I cannot resolve the public address of each server
from lan clients, the clients, remote and local, are w2k

I hope someone can help me


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