adc connector problem

adc connector problem

Post by ywps » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 12:03:51

dear all,I use ADC Connector to do directory replication between with one
exchange2k server and remote exchange55 server;

the problem is:adc can replicate exhange55 directory to ad,but can only
replicate ad object have no exhange mailbox or custom contact to exchange 55
directory,all object have exhange mailbox can't do replication,how to fix

tks for all.


1. Exch 5.5 / ADC Connector Problem

Environment (Same Box): Windows 2000 Server (SP 2)
                                        Exchange 5.5 (SP 4)

I am trying to install ADC Connector (off of WIN2K CDROM).  The install
abends while trying to register 'ADCADMIN.DLL' with an error code <5>.  I
tried using REGSVR32 from command prompt and got the same error.  I changed
the port that Exchange LDAP uses.


Thanks in advance...

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