SMTP Restrictions

SMTP Restrictions

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Here is an article you might want to take a look at, it should help you out:

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Quote:> Hi,
>     I dont know whether this is possible or not, but I
> would like to clarify.

> My requirement is this, I need to be able to receive
> mails to certain users but they should not be able to
> send mails? I know its possible the other way around! but
> is this possible as well?

> thanks in Advance
> regards
> Imran


1. SMTP restrictions in Exchange 2000

How can i configure SMTP virtual servers to only accept messages if users
authenticate AND uses a email address that is handled by Exchange.


Exchange handle this emails domains:  and .
When user configures the outlook express , and use the account that exist in
Active Directory with right password , but the email domain of email address
is , the message is sent without any problems. But i need to
restrict the users to only use emails domains  and  however they authenticate.

PS: Sorry for my not perfect english!!

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