Problems migrating to Exchange 2000

Problems migrating to Exchange 2000

Post by Dav » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 02:35:41

We're in the middle of upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000
and we've run into a little problem. Things were working just fine in
our test setup, but moving it to the domain has not been smooth. E2k
is installed into the same site as our E5.5 server.

I migrated a test account with the migration wizard and that went
well, or so it seemed. New mail that was sent to the account only
appeared on the E5.5 server, not the E2k. I can send mail out from it
with no problem, so I decided to just delete the mailbox from E5.5.
Now any mail sent to it gets rejected. Also, if I try to send messages
from that account to another account in the domain it fails,

Any ideas as to where we've gone wrong? We're leaning towards the ADC.
There is a connection agreement but it doesn't look like it's
replicating anything.

Thanks for your help.