PF replication ?

PF replication ?

Post by Preben Graverse » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 04:57:11


Using Exchsync I can replicate between 2 different sites, but I have 3 sites
to replicate within.
Is there a workaround to load 2 sessions on the publisher server or what ?

Regards Preben


1. Directory Replication and PF Replication not working

I am having a problem getting Replication working between two Exchange
Servers.  They are both running NT 4 SP4, and Exchange 5.5 SP2.

Server 2 cannot see new folders created on server 1 (haven't tried the other
way).  I have noticed the following in Exchange Admin:

Under Folders/System Folders/Events Root, there are 3 instances of
"EventConfig_Server2".  When checking the properties for
"EventConfig_Server2", 2 of the three instances give me the properties page,
and they look identical.  The third one, however, gives me the following

"The object cannot be found in the directory.  This may be because
replication has not completed."

This has been going on for several days, I am sure replication has had time
to complete.

There is also an "EventConfig_Server3" in there, and that server doesn't

Other things I have noticed:

Under Server2.Private Information Store.Mailbox Resources, there is no
"Directory Service" mailbox (there is one on Server1.

The following Events are being written to the Application Event log on

Event ID 3079

Unexpected replication thread error 0x46c.


When I search the MSKB, it says this error is harmless, and says it is only
from Exchange 5.0?!?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Matt Yahna
Senior Systems Administrator
Rogue Wave Software, Inc.

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