exchange 2000 smart host problem

exchange 2000 smart host problem

Post by Jonathan Plac » Tue, 08 Oct 2002 17:10:33

exchange 2000 with 2 servers, one in london and one in newcastle connected
with 2mb line (same org, same domain)

Newcastle server connected to internet via fixed line.

We want to redirect all outbound mail out of the org through a virus wall on
IP  When we add a SmartHost (on newcastle server) to forward
to mail to the virus wall
mail does not get in to london, the newcastle server just forwards ALL mail
out via the smarthost when it should send mail to the london server.

With the smarthost enable we can get mail into the newcastle server but not
into the london server.

Any ideas / help ?



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I have Exchange 2000 SP2, Mailsweepr and ISA Server on the same box.

Inbound mail flows through ISA, through Mailsweeper and into Exchange
with no problems at all. (Once I configured Mailsweeper to send to
Exchange on port 2025 and Exchange to listen on port 2025 rather than
the standard port 25)

The problem though is OUTBOUND mail.

Exchange will send mail out if i configure the "Default SMTP Virtual
Server" to use external DNS servers (Delivery Tab, Advanced button,
Configure button, BUT this bypasses Mailsweeper.

I have tried to remove the DNS from the Configure Button and forward
all mail to a smart host but this just seems to result in my mail
"getting lost" somewhere and an undeliverable message sent back to me.
For my smart host address i have used both and also the
internal IP address of the machine.  If i use the external IP adress
of the machine as my smart host (as a test) i get relay messages as
one would expect.

I have had this working in the past on a different Exchange 5.5
system, then (if i remember correctly) i used the IMC and simply
changed the "Use DNS" button to "Forward to ..." button and hey
presto, sadly Exchange 2000 doesnt seem so simple.  Unless i've missed
something obvious.

...So, anone know how to get Exchange 2000 to forward all external
SMTP mail to Mailsweeper???

Please help its driving me crazy.

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