No MTA Objects

No MTA Objects

Post by Tony » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 16:13:44

I have added my exchange 2k server to an existing e55 org
but it didn't seem to create the MTA objects for my e2k
server in exchange 5.5. Email from my e2k server just
queues when sending it to the IMC.

Can someone please tell me how to recreate these objects,
I have been told to use exchange admin in raw mode but I
do not know what to do.

Can I please have advice and directions. Please email it
to me.

Thanks in advance


1. MTA corrupted object file

I am hoping that some one can help me with the problem I am facing. I run
the MTACHECK.exe and I get the following message

Object 0000000B invailid - corrupted object file. - MTS-ID: Unavailble

It then tells me that some objects are missing from the Boot Environment,
please reload the BOOTENV directory on the CD.

I have reloaded the file and I still get this error message. Where sould I
go from here?


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