Certification keys translation through MS GW connector for Exchange

Certification keys translation through MS GW connector for Exchange

Post by Dzintars Vilnis Korn » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 23:58:10

Dear Sirs!

We try to send digitally signed mail from MSExchange2K to
GroupWise 6 PO through Microsoft side GroupWise connector
and GW API connector. As result we get unreadable message
with attachment. GroupWise do not understand it as message
with certificate key. If we send it using SMTP connectors
transfer from both sides all is OK. Same if we send from
GroupWise. Maybe someone could help us with ideas - is
here some solution possible to get it working through MS
connector and GW API connector? Other possible solutions?

Thank You in advance!

Dzintars Vilnis Korns
IT project manager Hansabank Latvia


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