how to setup router for Exchange2000 server

how to setup router for Exchange2000 server

Post by Charms Zho » Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:53:28

Our company want to build one Exchange2000 server mail system. The public
address and private address of the mail server is respectively
and, and the public address private address of our
router(Cisco 2600) is and I asked ISP to add a
MX record to refer to our gateway So how can I set up the
router? Any suggestion is appreciated.Thanks.

1. how to setup router for Exchange2000 server

I take it your router is using NAT (Network address
translation).  You need to set up an IP forward for
protocol SMTP from the external connection to the internal
ip address of your server.  If you have firewalling
functionality installed on your router you can use an SMTP
proxy to forward as it is more secure as it rejects
invalid SMTP commands and relay attemps.  Why do you have
a public address on your mail server?  If it is accessable
on the internet from this address you can point the MX
record directly at it (not the gateway).


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