SBS2000+Exhange with SER2003+Exchange2003

SBS2000+Exhange with SER2003+Exchange2003

Post by Simon Gurne » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:48:03

My company is in the process of connecting to our US office from the UK.  In
the UK we are running SBS2000, and in the US they are proposing to use Win
2003 Server with Exchange 2003.  Is know it is possible to create site links
and join them into the domian, but will this cause problems with exchange?

Thanks in advance
Simon Gurner


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feature from another non default mailbox?  We currently
use Exchange 5.5, and it does not allow us to use that
feature.  If you reply form another non default mailbox,
it still uses your default mailbox to send the message.  
Did that make any sense?

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