service pack 3

service pack 3

Post by Ned Croni » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 03:00:35

I have had a problem with messages not leaving the smtp
cue after installing service pack 3. I am not aware of a
way to remove sp3...can anyone help?

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I run both successfully.

NT 4.0 SP2 is a little tricky, but runs fine.  If you run any virus protection software on the server you will want to get the Post
SP2 Kernel hotfix from the FTP site

There have been several users who had problems installing NT 4.0 SP2.  Without much correlation, installing from the CD has been
safer than installing from a network share.  Installing from a system already at SP1 has been safer than installing to raw NT 4.0.
Our local record is 7-2 in favor of no problems.

Exchange SP3 has been much easier.  It does require Exchange SP2 though.


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