sync Windows CE with public folders

sync Windows CE with public folders

Post by David Marti » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:29:54

I am trying to sync my Ipaq with Windows CE 3.0 to my
Exchange public folder Contacts using ActiveSync3.0. There
seems to be no clear way of doing this with built in



1. Sync Problem with Exchange Server and Windows CE

Hi All,

My problem is this.  I have a user that has a hewlett packard palmtop
running WinCE and he sync's the palmtop with his desktop(nothing new)
however, we recently installed a local Exchange server and I have adjusted
the permissions on his calendar so that his assistant can effect changes on
his calendar.  The exchange calendar that allows the assistant to make
changes is a different calendar than the one that the user uses to sync with
his palmtop.  Is there a way to have the palmtop look at the exchange
folders vs. the personal ones?

Thanks for the assistance.


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