owa and firewall

owa and firewall

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> Hi guys

> I don't relly know whether I should be posting this quesiton to this
> newsgroup or not because there

> is none for OWA. If there is one, plese let me know.

> I want to setup OWA. Now, it is working fine where the OWA is hosted
> on the same machine as the exchange 2000 server.

> As it is installed, by default, it is working fine internally and we
> have a firewall, which is also setup to forward the packets to the

> OWA/Exchange server, since they are the same. But I want to host the
> OWA on a different than the Exchange server. Also

> I wanna keep the OWA host server to be out side of the firewall. SO
> basically, the clients will first contact the OWA server,

> which is out side of the network, the OWA server will go through the
> firewall and contact the exchange server, and the reply goes

> in reverse, the exchange server just sends the data to the OWA server
> (through the firewall) and OWA server formats it into the

> web interface and then the client receives the emails in the web
> interface.

> Now, I know what ports we need to open on the firewall and some reg
> settings. But the main question is that how do I configure

> the exchange server and the OWA server, (the OWA server is nothing
> but an IIS server, with the directories pointing to the exchange

> server's shared directories).

> Plese help how to setup this config.

> Dhaval


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