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Test mail to larsg directly

1. SEC Reg 17 CFT 240.17a-4 Compliance

I need to make my new exchange 2000 be compliant with SEC
Regulation 17 CFT 240.17a-4. We a not a large shop, but we
some government regulations coming soon (we are a cpa firm)

This means that I need to keep a copy of all the e-mail
that goes and in and out related to clients.

I have found a few solutions that do this.

OTG MailExtender
e-MARC by  CC Data

However, most seem to too expensive for us.

I don't understand why I can't find a simple package that
will let me filter messages in by sender to a sub-directory
as all the out to a sender to a sub-directory.

Journaling is not a fix.

Any suggestions or comments.


David R. Hibbeln

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