SMTP Connector against Routing Group Connector

SMTP Connector against Routing Group Connector

Post by Hector Men » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 00:26:14

Hi, I am in charge managing the e-mail in the company, we
have an Exchange 2000 server, the company is growing and
we want to start splitting the overload in our exchange
installing Exchange Sites, these remote sites belong to
the same domain and we use Frame Relay to connect them, my
question is what do you recommend, what are the advantages
using Routing Groups instead of SMTP, also need to know
the disadvantages. These remote sites will send all
outbound messages to the internet through us.
I will appreciate your attention to this subject.
My Best Regards to All,

1. Routing groups connector and SMTP connector

Hello !

I've 2 Exchange 2000 routings groups connected via a slow link (64
kbits/s) :(

Each of these groups has an fast permanent connexion to the Internet
(512 kbits/s) :)

Is it possible that a user who has its mailbox on the first routing
group send a mail to a user who has its mailbox on the second routing
group - using the Internet - and not the slow Wan link, using only the
cost field of each connector ?

Or will Exchange always use the group connector (because users are in
the same organization) ?

Thank you for your assistance,
Have a nice week !

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