SMTP must be Restarted to connect

SMTP must be Restarted to connect

Post by Teig Levingsto » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 12:47:23

I have a W3k server, with sp4 and Exchange with SP3. When
the box starts, the smtp service starts, and is listening
according to the qryport report. It does not return
extended information and no incoming mail is delivered to
any mailboxes. If I stop the smtp service in the Services
MMC then stop the Virtual server in the Exchange System
manager, then start the SMTP service and then start the
Virtual server, it works properly. I have to do this
whenever I reboot the machine.
Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago when I
installed Q811853. While trying to correct this issue I
have uninstalled Q811853 and have had to reinstall
Exchange and the service packs to bring the stores back
up. During this time I also installed SP4 for W2k hoping
it would help.
Any suggestions.

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I appreciatte you taking the time to read this message.
Every so often, when I restart Windows NT4 w/ Exchange
5.5, not all users can connect too exchange. They receive
an error stating that we are out of liscences. I then stop
and start all the services (which does not work). I can
attach to the Exchange Server. Difference is that I am
running Outlook 2002 and everyone else is still running
Outlook 2000 or 97. I can not think of what may be causing
Also, Is there a way to view what users are connected to
the Exchange server?



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