New Recipient Update Service Connection Problem

New Recipient Update Service Connection Problem

Post by Ahame » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 16:20:01


I have Two Windows 2000 Domain Controller that is Domain A and Domain B

Domain B is a child Domain To Domain A

I have installed Exchange Server in Domain A, I wanted a Recipient Service
So I Started Creating a recipient Update Service in Domain A where Exchange
is installed
Before that I ran the DomainPrep in Domain B
Everthing went fine while creating the New Recipient Services it went to the
final step the following error Occured

" Before Creating a reciept Update Service,A member of the Domain Admin
security group in the choosen domain must run Exchange server setup with
/domainprep command

ID no: c1034a31
Exchange System Manager "

But I ran the DomainPrep in Domain B
What could be the error?
Please anyone help me



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Just recently an odd problem has appeared. When I create a
new user, the mailbox gets created, and the recipients
policies generate the correct email addresses. However
when I try and access the mailbox using Outlook 2000,
Outlook Express, or HTTP, the user cannot log on. In the
event viewer, there is a message that a certain attribute;
msExchUserAccountControl; could not be read.

The technet articles regarding this, say to rebuild the
recipient policies using the recipient update service. I
have done this, but the attribute is still not being set
correctly. If I go into ADSIEdit, and change the attribute
to a 0 (zero), the user can log on.

SP2 was applied recently to this server. I have checked
the settings on the RUS, and the correct servers are
listed there.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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