E2K unable to recieve outside mail in mixed enviroment

E2K unable to recieve outside mail in mixed enviroment

Post by Stephen Power » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 02:09:52

This is driving me nuts and I need some help.

We have 1 Exchange 5.5 server on an NT machine and 2 E2K
servers on W2K with AD.  Mail within the entire exchange
group works fine, and goes to the internet fine.  Mail
from the internet works fine for all mailboxes on the 5.5
server, but internet mail does not go through to the E2K
servers.  It gets bounced back by the E2K server as

Also, the mailboxes housed on the E2K servers cannot be
accessed via OWA (which is run on the 5.5 server) but
again, the ones housed on the 5.5 server work fine.

Are these two problems related?

The ADC's look okay, as do the SMTP connectors.  Is there
something that I'm overlooking?  I'm starting to feel
really retarded because of all this.



1. disable mail account from recieving outside mail?


I have a user with an e-mail account on an Exchange 5.5 server that is used
to send mail to other recipients in the office, and to send and recieve
outside mail.  He would like to block the address from recieving outside
mail, and have it not return an error message if someone sends mail to that
address.  Is there a way to do this?  If I remove the SMTP mail address from
the mailbox will that work?  I have the feeling that if I do that there will
be an error message generated to anyone trying to send mail to that address.
Also, If I remove the SMTP address, will they still be able to use the
address from internal mail?
Thanks very much for any help,

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