Best method of connectivity for PDA/Cell

Best method of connectivity for PDA/Cell

Post by Jame » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 01:07:25

I have a growing number of users requesting mail access
from their cell phones (Kyocera Palm).  I don't want to go
the POP mail route for obvious security reasons.  The
graphics of webmail remove it as a possibility in its
native form.  I see a product, OWA for PDA, however this
is server side and I have no intention of making changes
to my exchange2000 server.  Not to sure about Microsoft
Mobile Information Server.  That seems a larger solution
than my problem requires at this point.  Another option is
Palm e-mail clients that support IMAP4 for direct access
to the mail server.  Any recommendations or warnings?    
An assist would be appreciated.



1. Accessing Exch5.5 thru a PDA/Cell Phone

Our company is looking into getting one of Sprint PCS cell phone (Samsung
SPH-I330). It's a cell phone and PDA combined with internet browsing
capability. We'd like to make sure that this device is capable of accessing
our mail server mailbox (Exch5.5 on NT4). My question: is OWA an option? or
do we have to purchase an Wireless device add-on (gateway?) and install it
on our Exchange server? If we can access OWA thru a PDA device which has
internet capabiliy, I don't see why OWA isn't possible. If not, is there any
good add-on product for Exch5.5 so we can access the mailboxes thru cell
phone/PDA? I hope I explain this clear enough. Thanks for any assistance.

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